Matteo Pellegrino

Software Engineer


Software Engineer

Mar 2021 - Present
Buildo, Milan, Italy
Full Stack Development
Scala, TypeScript, React. Functional programming.

Research Intern

Jan 2020 - Jul 2020
Datalogic, Pasadena, CA, USA
Machine Learning and Computer Vision
Synthetic image generation/augmentation API development. Design and implementation of a Python library to generate and manage artificial datasets. Other relevant tasks: internal tools integration and re-engineering, documentation writing and containerized deploying through Docker.

Summer Internship

Jul 2014 - Sep 2014
Multitraccia, Reggio Emilia
PHP Web Developer
Development of an appointments scheduling application in PHP. Front-end specifications built in collaboration with a graphic designer.

Latest Projects


Nov 2017 - Feb 2019
Dokey is a productivity app for professionals that turns your mobile device into a powerful controller for any kind of desktop applications.

Thanks to this project I enforced my Android (Kotlin) skill, with a particular focus on efficient and dynamic custom views. I also took care of the UI/UX design of the entire platform and brand.

Dokey was involved in the application program of AlmaCube, a startup incubator in Bologna. During this experience, I learned about the startup environment and lean approach.

Hacker News Read Time

Nov 2019
Chrome extension showing read time preview of articles. Being a constant HN reader, I built this tool for myself to fastly know how much time an article takes to read. I also got the opportunity to learn more about web scraping.


Apr 2019 - May 2019
Competition project of the Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals course at University of Bologna. TablutAI is a complete knowledge game. It uses an iterative deepening alpha beta search (Russell-Norvig).

Thanks to this project I practiced the basic fundamentals of artificial intelligence in a joyful way. The competition consisted in several teams playing against each other, driving the development of the AI in terms of smart heuristics, performances and software engineering quality.


Feb 2019
SAM (Software Architecture Metrics) is a naive tool that analyzes Scala source code retrieving module-level metrics helpful to the software architect. The project was born as an educational project for the Languages and Computational Models course at University of Bologna and it is my first approach to either Scala and Clean Architecture.

Developing SAM helped me to deepen multi-paradigm languages with a focus on functional programming. Also, I was able to concretely apply the concepts of the Clean Architecture from the homonymous book by Robert Martin.

Kotlin Safety Library Loader

Apr 2018 - Jun 2018
Bachelor's degree thesis. Development of an Android module which allows to dynamically download libraries in Kotlin/Android with digital signature checking at runtime.

The project will be used in an academic app for public transport mobility. The idea is to prevent personal user data spreading to third-party cloud systems, providing an alternative solution which aims to download executable code to elaborate personal data on the user device only.